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The Health Accelerator Includes

  • This is a 6 month training & coaching program.

  • You will receive 60-minute live bi-weekly coaching from Dr. Young.

  • Your questions will be answered, and you will be provided direction so that you can stay on track as you implement your health blueprint. 

  • Dr. Young will teach you exactly what the root cause of your health problems are, and teach you the exact solution and action steps to resolve it.

  • Learn about prevention, longevity and optimal health.

2 Bonuses:

  1. Receive one 50-minute private consultation with Dr. Young. She will take a deep dive into your health, and health history, and will determine the root cause in your unique body, and help you customize your health blueprint. 

  2. Keep the training and resources for life. Access your training whenever you would like and enjoy all of the updates along the way.


​Book your free call below to explore whether this is the right solution for you. 


Implement, engage, take action, and be amazed by your health transformation.

Who IS this for?

  • You are tired of doing things that do not work

  • You are sick of Googling (guessing) and not getting results 

  • You want to learn and unlearn to be empowered for life!

  • You don’t just want another doctor, you want an expert

  • You will do whatever it takes with perseverance

  • You want to get your life back & you have a strong WHY

  • You know that your body can heal itself

Who is this NOT for?

  • You want another doctor to tell you what to do and not teach you

  • You have a medical mind-set

  • You are not coachable

  • You want something done all for you with no effort on your part

  • You have no real WHY

  • You are unwilling to make lifestyle changes

  • You believe that your body cannot heal

This is not for everyone.


Schedule a Health Strategy Call to learn more.

The Future Starts when You Do

Please understand that this training & coaching opportunity is by invitation only. 

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