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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dr. Young only work with Autoimmune Disorders?

Dr. Young helps clients with a variety of chronic diseases who are looking for natural solutions.

What if I don’t have a diagnosis, but suffer from various symptoms?

It is all too common for people to live with an array of symptoms, while never receiving a medical diagnosis, and told that their labs are “normal”. Some people are even told that their symptoms are phantom, and in their heads.

If you are truly healthy, you should not suffer from any symptoms. Dr. Young can help you identify the cause of your condition.


I don't live in the U.S., can Dr. Young still help me?

Yes. We are a Virtual Global Practice, and help clients everywhere. 


Does Dr. Young use medications or prescription drugs to help clients?

No. Dr. Young creates natural health solutions for her clients, free of prescription medication. 


Does Dr. Young use or recommend advanced lab tests?

Dr. Young can recommend and order advanced lab tests, based on the needs of the client. She will start with your existing labs and recommend additional labs if necessary.

Dr. Young does not believe in over-testing, and will discuss only recommend testing when necessary. 


What is Dr. Young's Elite Health Coaching Program?

This program is a 6-month engagement, designed to teach clients everything that they need to know about the cause of their health challenge, how to treat their bodies over a lifetime, and the truth about health.​

This program is reserved only for clients who qualify to work with Dr. Young privately.

What would make me a good fit to work with Dr. Young privately?

Dr. Young works with clients who are ready to change their lives now, and are 100% coachable and committed to making the necessary changes to regain their health.


If you are interested in working with Dr. Young privately, your first step is to book a

complementary 30-minute Health Strategy Call with a member of the team. Please ensure that you complete the health form when prompted.

Can I visit with the doctor on an appointment basis instead of committing to a program?

No, we do not offer individual visits. Our model is designed to address the cause of your health challenges, and we have found that it takes 6 months to educate and realign lifestyle habits in order to optimize results.


Does Dr. Young help with nutrition?

Absolutely. Dr. Young starts with healing the gut and clearing the drainage pathway with each client. This is essential as she moves you to the next steps of removing interferences safely at the cellular level.

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