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the 4-phase process

open the drainage pathways

Opening the drainage pathways is the first step toward healing.

remove interferences

Safely remove interferences such as parasites, bacteria, viruses & retroviruses.

repair & restore

Clear deeper-level interferences that created cellular inflammation, the​cause of all diseases.


Optimize health over your lifetime to achieve longevity and prevention. 


Dr. Young specializes in healing Autoimmune naturally, and helps with all diagnoses from the most common to the rarest types.  Her approach is client-centric as she treats the root cause of disease and symptoms. Her unique approach combines the most powerful aspects of Biological Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Epigenetics that deliver real results to her clients. 

For Dr. Young’s clients, she is the “Last Doctor” they need to see. Clients come to her after exhausting all possible solutions, including being their own “Google Doctor”, applying advice given by natural doctors, MD’s, and trying an array of ineffective treatments, diets, supplements, and medications. 

Each person is unique, Dr Young customizes each protocol and plan for each individual using a multi-therapeutic approach, this offers many advantages, and works to solve the underlying causes of symptoms and disease.  Dr. Young’s natural approach focuses on identifying the root cause, preparing the body and cells for healing, removing the cause of cellular inflammation, and repairing and restoring the mitochondria.

As important as how we help heal clients, are the unique stories and lives of each client, perhaps you. We always start by understanding your True Purpose . Each of us have very personal reasons for wanting to heal, our why. Most clients have very emotional and deep reasons for desiring health, from wanting to live long enough to see their own children graduate, to wanting to regain the selves that they used to be.

open the drainage pathways

All people with Autoimmune Disease have one thing in common - a poor Drainage Pathway. This is why we start the healing process by opening the colon, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lymphatic system, and gut. 

This first phase is essential to ensure that the damaged mitochondria may be repaired inside each cell. This is where cellular energy is made, and once it begins to restore, clients feel much higher levels of energy.

Clients normally feel vast improvements even in this first phase, as their body begins repairing, healing, and resetting to do its normal daily functions.

1 - Prepare the Body & Cells

remove interferences

Removing gut pathogens, and removing interferences at a cellular level is essential to heal.  


The gut is often referred to as the “second brain”, and is responsible for overall immune health. In this phase, we rebalance the gut pathogens, and in later phase, rebuild gut lining and repopulate in the correct order and at the right time.


We identify any primary Interferences, such as parasites, bacteria, viruses and retroviruses in the body. These interferences must be cleared before we address deeper-level interferences. 


We see many clients who have attempted to detox prior to removing interferences. Often they use detox programs that they have purchased, or have sought the advice of practitioners who are not properly trained in the removal of interferences. These clients often experience feeling much sicker, due to stirring up interferences, and causing the re-toxification of their bodies. Detoxing without the right guidance can be dangerous.


The proper removal of interferences provides relief from brain fog, poor memory, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

2 - Remove Interferences

repair & restore

Deeper-level interferences are identified and removed, once primary interferences are addressed. These include heavy metals, Lyme and co-infections, radiation, and chemicals.
Our cells naturally replicate, and we want to make more healthy cells, and replace unhealthy cells. The removal of heavy metals, Lyme and co-infections, radiation, and chemicals at the cellular level enables cells to repair and restore to their healthy state. This results in good genes being turned on and bad genes being turned off. 

3 - Repair & Restore


Optimizing your health over a lifetime is the formula to longevity and prevention. Clients learn advanced health strategies and are given the tools and habits that they can apply over their lifetimes to achieve true health, which is symptom- and disease-free.

4 - Optimization
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