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You will learn the exact information that I teach my private clients, and you can do it at your own pace.


Functional Medicine alone is no longer sufficient to heal from today's chronic diseases. For this reason I have incorporated epigenetics, biological medicine, and cellular health to make this a truly powerful approach. 


Learn powerful health strategies, along with causes and natural solutions. Many people have spent years simply addressing symptoms, which does not lead to healing. Once you address the actual root cause, you will activate your own body's healing abilities. 

There are 5 in-depth modules that teach you how to identify and remove the root cause of your unique health challenge. 


This Coaching & Training Program is Extremely Comprehensive & recommended for people at all current levels of knowledge. Whether you consider yourself new to the area of wellness, or an expert practitioner, you will learn the most cutting-edge concepts available. 

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Module 1
Setting the Stage

What You Will Learn

  • Set the stage for success with body & mindset strategies 

  • ​Finally understand the True Cause of disease & symptoms

  • ​The reason your labs may be "normal" yet you are still sick

  • ​Learn how to analyze your labs using Optimal Markers

  • ​The power of restorative sleep - how to achieve & measure it

  • Learn about the right labs to run for different health challenges

Module 2.png

Module 2
The Truth About Food

What You Will Learn

  • Why I have never met anyone who is actually eating healthy, even if they think they are - get ready to re-learn what you think you may already know

  • ​Gain a deeper understanding of the role of food to cellular health

  • ​Finally understand what to eat, when to eat, diet variation & healthy exchanges

  • Stop researching, and get access to Dr. Young's proven food list 

  • ​Strategies to apply to real life, even if you have kids, want to dine out, and not spend a fortune of time and money


Module 3
The Essentials of Water

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the 3 principles of water

  • ​Is your water toxic & contributing to chronic disease

  • How oxygen-deficient water promotes cancer growth

  • ​Understand which type of water is best for your body

  • ​How to use water to produce healthy microbes & a strong resilient immune system

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The Protocol & Drainage

What You Will Learn

  • The function of our major detox organs, such as the colon & gut, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, bile ducts and lymphatic system

  • ​How to remove interferences and toxins at the cellular level

  • ​Learn about recommended Protocols that actually work, why they work, & how they are different from what most people have done and failed. 

  • ​Get special access to supplementation only available to Doctors and Healthcare Practitioners

Bonuses (2).png


  • Bonus Module: The Toxic-Free Lifestyle with 9 lessons & bonus resources

  • Access to The Foundation Program for life

  • ​Study guides & resources for in-depth learning

  • ​Dr. Young's favorite items & recommendations

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