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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to healing Autoimmune Disease or chronic disease. We focus on the real cause of symptoms and disease and the unique story of each client. Dr. Young helps clients heal Autoimmune naturally, through a combination of Functional Medicine, Biological Medicine, and Epigenetics.

This multi-therapeutic approach is delivered through a customized, patient-centered model which combines the wisdom of ancient, traditional practices with modern scientific innovations. This model delivers results to solve the underlying causes of symptoms and disease.  


Dr. Young’s natural approach focuses on identifying the root cause, preparing the body and cells for healing, removing the interferences, and repairing and restoring the mitochondria.  


Most clients come to her after years of seeing MD’s and natural doctors, and exploring other countries for the right solution. Most clients have tried other treatments, diets, supplements, medications, and strategies that have just not delivered results, or have actually caused more harm. We take a very different approach, and believe that a diversity of therapies is necessary - science-based solutions, and customized to each individual.


True health is living with no symptoms at all. This is not possible when our bodies are compromised by outside factors, such as toxins, poor nutrition, and our environment. These interferences cause symptoms and disease at the cellular level, and bioaccumulate throughout our lives, unless addressed.


As important as how we help heal clients, are the unique stories and lives of each client, perhaps you. We always start by understanding your True Purpose . Each of us have very personal reasons for wanting to heal, our why. Most clients have very emotional and deep reasons for desiring health, from wanting to live long enough to see their own children graduate, to wanting to regain the selves that they used to be.


We are all moving TOWARD health, or AWAY from health. Which way are you moving?

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