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The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease is a global problem that afflicts 4.5% of the planet’s population. There are now over 100 autoimmune diseases that have been identified. These diseases are very serious, and often treated medically with prescription drugs or surgery. Most people do not know the cause and are told that they should expect to be sick for life.

Understanding the root cause of autoimmune is powerful information. Once we understand why our body has expressed an environment of autoimmunity, we can also understand how we can heal from it. Our bodies are designed to be healthy, and we must remove those interferences that are preventing it from healing.

The bottom line is that the basic root cause of autoimmune disease is cellular inflammation. The next step is to learn how this is created, and exactly what are those toxins and interferences that are causing it.

Why Cellular Health is Important

Let me emphasize the incredible importance of achieving cellular health. We all know what cells do - they replicate, mutate or die. The best case scenario is that cells are healthy and they replicate in order to produce more healthy cells. In the worst case, cells are unhealthy and make more unhealthy cells. Or, they are beyond repair and end up mutating or dying off altogether.

The goal: perfect cellular health so that cells replicate and produce more healthy cells.

Cellular Inflammation

Cellular inflammation around the cell is caused by the bioaccumulation of toxins and interferences over a person’s lifetime. This inflammation blocks the good stuff from permeating the cell membrane and mitochondria. And it also prevents toxins from escaping the cell as well by trapping them inside the cell.

The Mitochondria

So now that we know that cellular inflammation is the root cause let's explore the function of the cell itself. The mitochondria produce 90% of our energy. They can get damaged and create a lot of dysfunction.

The mitochondria are the powerhouses of our energy sources and are needed for almost every function in our bodies. Each individual cell will have between 1,000 and 10,000 mitochondria, depending on the cell type.

The Brain and Heart

The brain and heart need the maximum amount of mitochondria for proper function. People who are chronically ill may only have half of the mitochondria required.

As people age, they lose mitochondria. Although this is not entirely preventable, there are strategies to ensure that you maintain the highest levels possible over time.

Healthy Mitochondria is Essential for Health

Mitochondria are the powerhouse and energy source for your body to be able to do everything and is essential in order for your body to heal itself! For example -

  • Rebuild damaged tissues and immune system

  • Remove toxins, heavy metals, parasites, and viruses

  • Restore the body’s ability to recover from chronic health issues

3 causes of cellular inflammation:

#1: Toxins

#2: Food

#3 Environment

Let’s examine each.


Toxins are the #1 stressor affecting us today! From parasites, lyme, heavy metals, mold, overgrowth of bacteria, virus, fungus. Also our external environment and oral health environment and gut environment, known as our terrain and gut microbiome.

Most doctors do NOT test for any of these and if they do, they do NOT run the right test. These toxins bioaccumulate in your body from birth until today.

They are not supposed to be in your body and will stay there until you proactively get them out.

Please be aware that this is a small sampling of possible toxins, and it is not advisable to detox on your own without proper guidance. Most people do this incorrectly and risk re-toxification, or worse.


Unfortunately, our food source has become compromised over time. Most crops today have been sprayed with toxic pesticides like glyphosate. Meat and dairy sources are fed grains and are treated with hormones and antibiotics. GMOs affect over 80% of our crops and cause inflammation.

Understanding what and how to eat is absolutely essential to restore health. Most clients that come to me believe that they are eating healthy. However, not one of them actually were.


Air pollution is a problem outdoors and indoors. Interestingly, indoor air is 5-7x MORE toxic than outdoor air. This can be caused by a variety of indoor toxins that can be completely invisible and unnoticeable.

One of the most common issues is mold. This can be an issue EVEN IF the mold cannot be seen or smelled.

Household cleaners and personal care products are also a huge issue since they absorb directly into your bloodstream through your skin.

And many people are drinking toxins, not realizing that even the best-filtered water filtration systems do not remove sufficient toxins.

Fix The Root Cause

Most people do not know the root cause of their diagnosis or symptoms, and medical and holistic doctors focus on suppressing symptoms instead of implementing strategies to enable the body to heal itself .

Optimal health and longevity requires us to identify and address the root cause directly. A focus on suppressing symptoms is similar to catching a leaky ceiling with a bucket instead of replacing the defective pipe itself.

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