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How to Find Blindspots in Your Health Journey

Many of my clients who are chronically ill have gone from doctor to doctor, remedy to remedy, diet to diet to feel well again. They start off just wanting to know what’s wrong in search of hope and to get well again.

There has been an increase in U.S. adults diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions. Unfortunately, most modern medical practices aren't set up to look at root causes. Rather, they focus mainly on the symptoms, not the reasons the dysfunction developed in the first place.

Furthermore, many either do not get all the way well or see any progress, causing feelings of frustration and wanting to give up altogether.

This can lead to root-cause “blind spots” that get missed and overlooked on your way to your healing journey. These are the missing puzzle pieces, the real root cause that needs addressed so that the body can work as intended, on its own.

Getting to the root cause and addressing inflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction, and toxicity will be at the heart of the issue. It is important to address this at the cellular level, in order to restore the cells and tissues in order to optimal health again.

When people are told that a diagnosis is for life, and that there is no hope of healing, this can lead to the diagnosis becoming a label that patients fixate on as part of their identity.

For instance, patients may say “my autoimmune disease” without even realizing that they are associating who they are with their disease.

To understand what is known as the cell danger response, that leads to poor health in the first place, we need to look at the energy processes of the body.

The mitochondria are the key to healing disease and healing the body in general.

The cell danger response (CDR) occurs when biological, chemical, emotional, or physical issues overwhelm the cell's capacity for homeostasis. If the body suffers from toxicity issues, it is triggered to prioritize survival and stays in the reacting phase and creates free radicals that are created. This leads to cell and organ dysfunction, and later on, disease.

Because energy and drainage is the first focus on the 4-Phase Process to Optimal Health it is necessary to look at supporting drainage and mitochondrial function as you continue to detox at deeper and deeper levels in order to clear out all the possible infections that caused the chronic disease.

The reason why people get sick is because their body is spending its energy fighting off toxins rather than taking time to heal. This constant struggle keeps the terrain of their body in an unhealthy toxic state of being.

Identifying the root cause (or causes) of chronic conditions can be challenging, since the tools such as lab tests and X-rays are limited in detecting the initial stages of dysfunction.

For instance, some patients with hypothyroid symptoms may have normal thyroid blood tests. Moreover, regular X-rays can’t pick up bone loss unless about half of the bone is gone. Most people who find out they have osteoporosis don’t notice until they fracture a bone, because there are no symptoms suggesting otherwise.

Much of what goes undetected in a person’s health is subclinical, which is why it is so important to have a qualified practitioner who knows how to evaluate the root cause by looking at the entire clinical picture.

Many diseases, such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, and rheumatoid arthritis are more often termed subclinical before they become clinical diseases with recognizable signs and symptoms. An early approach to identifying what is subclinical can help prevent such issues from becoming a full blown disease.

I use several tools to determine the root cause for my clients. One of the most powerful tools is the Health Assessment, which evaluates clusters of symptoms. The body has an amazing feedback loop built in that reveals valuable information.

It can also help identify early signs, symptoms, and trends when a condition may still be in its subclinical phase. There may even be symptoms that are mild or seemingly unrelated, but the Health Assessment can still find early indicators of specific toxins and/or coinfections.

The Health Assessment is a powerful tool to be used in conjunction with a doctor's clinical reasoning, patient history, and lab test evidence. Interestingly enough, the body always tells the truth, and 9 times out of 10, the results of the Health Assessment exactly match the most gold standard lab test available.

Each section covers common root cause issues:

  1. Mitochondrial Dysfunction

  2. Drainage Dysfunction Susceptibility

  3. Minerals & Electrolytes

  4. Blood Sugar



Toxicants & Toxins

I recommend that when you work with me that we establish a baseline, and then repeat the Health Assessment each 90 days to track your progress. You will have scores in the Green, Yellow, or Red range, and a score in the Yellow or Red Range suggests that a certain root cause is likely a problem.

It is not helpful to be stuck on 50 supplements (even though natural) for the rest of your life, and then as soon as you stop taking one, you crash. This is a sign that the root cause was not addressed at the source.

Getting to the real root cause will allow your own body to heal and finally have true transformational healing.

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