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Dr. Young applies epigenetics to turn off bad genes and to turn on good genes by  restoring cells to health through replication

Healthy cells are essential for healing and good health, and inflammation must be eliminated to allow permeability for hormones, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to enter the cells.  Healthy cells also function to flush toxins out. By removing the interference, we are able to give the body precisely what it needs to finally heal.

I will personally review your unique health history, and properly analyze your recent bloodwork your health struggles, to create a detailed understanding of your unique health timeline, your health issues, and your symptoms to understand the root causes of why your cells are not working well. 

Then I will outline a plan to evaluate and understand the root causes of your current health issues. Once that is complete, together we will develop a road map for improving how your cells function and how you can steadily reduce your pain, improve your mood and memory, normalize your blood sugar and pressure, and get you back to a healthy weight.

This is essentially a road map for reducing your need for prescription medication. A road map for youthening, that is, reversing the accelerated aging that is part of all chronic disease.

Chronic disease, with so many people not feeling well today. What is going on?


Many people are undiagnosed, have a long list of symptoms, and do not feel well.


It is very common for me to see someone who has already had many many tests done, only for doctors to say, “We can not find anything wrong”. 

That one statement is frustrating, b/c the person, meaning you or someone you know, Knows something IS wrong. 


When you do not feel well or like your self and you are stuffing with symptoms, only to be told nothing to do or it is just in your head? Or even if you are older it is just part of getting old. With no rhyme or reason for the cause.


Many chronic disease today, come from one main cause. Which is interferce at the cellular level caused by combination of toxins. These often get missed. Because no one is doing the right test with high accuracy. Or doing a detailed health history and tying the sympoms in with the correct lab testing in order to determine the cause for that unique individual sitting in front of you.


I definitely do both. 

And rule in and out the following, which are often never looked for.


Virus, retro-virus


Lyme & co-infections

Heavy metals


Other toxins

As a health clinician it is important to use your clinical expertise and years of experience, and really listen to the person on what they are experiencing, it is like solving a mystery novel. The more clues (the body is telling us) the more it points to the cause.

It’s great when you can see the story on the blood work with the symptoms tying together so perfectly. And at other times the testing is overfocused on, b/c what do you do when the tests do not give you the answers? 

Repair gut, immune system, cells, and mitochondria and remove interference. 


Otherwise you are just treating symptoms and chasing things. Instead of asking Why is the body not working properly on it’s own, and fix that part, which is the true cause.



The goal is to find the cause. You must know the cause in order to have the natural solution. Did you know that true health means you would have almost zero symptoms. The body is intelligent and has a perfect “built in” feedback mechanism to let us know, “if we listen’ that something is wrong, if we do not listen and keep going down the same road to poor health it will get louder and louder. 


In today’s modern world, it is not surprising that it is common to bioaccumulate more toxins than our bodies were meant to keep up with to be healthy. Then the body expresses symptoms and more severe until your bucket overflows and triggers on a disease.


To feel and be healthier is such a gift,  and actually the way are bodies were meant to be here on earth.

Health allows you to enjoy life, do all the activities you enjoy, be productive, spend time being present with loved ones. To live all of your dreams and passions.

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